Amer Jandali

Day 2, Breakout Session 1: When the 'Future Meets Present

Abstract: By now most of us have realized the climate crisis is real. It’s nearly impossible to deny or ignore given the headlines we constantly see. One would be forgiven for thinking this is our natural, tragic trajectory as a species. Afterall, energy flows where attention goes. But what if we shifted our attention and directed our energy elsewhere? All of the technology needed to reverse global warming is available to us. Everything from renewable energy to regenerative agriculture is scaling up, poised to reach the mainstream in this decade. What would it actually look like if we reached our climate goals? And will visualizing this “desired state” sustainable future help accelerate the process? During this talk Amer will share about his journey from a Las Cruces DJ to a New York City Entrepreneur, Designer, and Futurist and offer a context of what it looks like when a sustainable Future Meets Present.

Las Cruces native, Amer Jandali, made his first newspaper debut at the age of 2 as the star of an advertisment for his family’s business – Casa Luna Itailian Restaurant.

In later years, Amer earned headlines as a local DJ on Hot 103 and in various clubs around Las Cruces and El Paso, eventually being voted #1 Best Club DJ in El Paso in 2013.

He has since moved to New York City where he earned a Masters in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts. Amer is an adjunct professor of Social Entrepreneurship at John Jay College in Manhattan, and is the founder of Future Meets Present, an environmental design studio dedicated to promoting a vision of a sustainable future.

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