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Breakout Session: Practical Creativity: The Hero's Journey in Your Screenplay and Your Life

Abstract: We’ll go over, in broad strokes, classic three act American film structure, generally as it incorporates the idea of The Hero’s Journey, then specifically as that applies to the Peter Jackson film, The Fellowship of the Ring. Consideration will be given to how the creative process can be enhanced, working within a well delineated structure. Finally these lessons will be extended to our real lives: How can you apply the structural elements of the screenplay to achieve the goal of your own personal Hero’s Journey? What is your Ordinary World? Have you had an Inciting Incident yet? Can you create one? Who are your Threshold Guardians, and how do you find them? Not sure we can always find the answers, but asking the questions is a good starting framework.

Jerry Prochazka is the Founder & CEO of Ganymede Games, a game development and publishing studio headquartered in Las Cruces, NM. Prior to relocating to Las Cruces, Jerry headed up the 3rd Party Publishing (Wargaming Alliance) business unit at, an award-winning online game developer and publisher with its headquarters based in Cyprus.

Before moving overseas to Europe, Prochazka was the Head of Global HR at Riot Games, where he is credited for the company being featured as #13 on Fortunes Best Places to Work in 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, Riot Games was fully acquired by the Chinese internet giant, Tencent. Along with his depth in the video game industry, Jerry has had a diverse career, including serving on the Chicago film board, holding a Learning & Talent Executive Role at Accenture, and spending 12 years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer.

Ganymede Games, an independent games studio in Las Cruces, NM. We create worlds that inspire exploration, adventures that spark curiosity, and unique gameplay that respects your time and busy lives. We promise to craft experiences you will want to share with others both in-game and out of game. 

Ganymede Games was formed by industry veterans. Our team is composed of seasoned gamers, adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts and animal lovers whose passion for exploring new worlds infuses everything we do. We value humility, passion, curiosity, learning and healthy doses of creative risk-taking and personal adventure.

Having worked together around the globe from Los Angeles to Cyprus at companies like Riot Games and Wargaming, co-founders Jerry Prochazka and Rob Thompson are joined by developers who left the high costs and noise of the high-tech cities for an affordable, high quality of life with plenty of local biomes to explore.

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