Rajeev Nirmalakhandan

Day 1, Breakout Session 2

Abstract: We’ll go over, in broad strokes, classic three act American film structure, generally as it incorporates the idea of The Hero’s Journey, then specifically as that applies to the Peter Jackson film, The Fellowship of the Ring. Consideration will be given to how the creative process can be enhanced, working within a well delineated structure. Finally these lessons will be extended to our real lives: How can you apply the structural elements of the screenplay to achieve the goal of your own personal Hero’s Journey? What is your Ordinary World? Have you had an Inciting Incident yet? Can you create one? Who are your Threshold Guardians, and how do you find them? Not sure we can always find the answers, but asking the questions is a good starting framework.

Rajeev Nirmalakhandan was born in Sri Lanka, raised in Las Cruces, and educated in Los Angeles. He is a writer and director and a faculty member at The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University. He is a member of the Governor’s Council on Film and Media Industries, a Digital Faculty Fellow at NMSU, and an award-winning filmmaker.  

Rajeev has worked creatively for nearly two decades in commercials, films, and other media.

He is currently in development on two of his screenplays with a production company he co-founded with his producing partner who is also a New Mexico native. Most importantly, he is a new proud dad.

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