Kristin Drexler

2:30 PM | Environmental Filmmaking

Representatives from Doña Ana Community College, the Learning Action Buffet, the Humanities Action Lab, NMSU Creative Media Institute, and the Gila Film School and Environmental Media Center join to discuss the nexus of environmental equity action and media production. 

Dr. Kristin Drexler is an educator and film producer working at the intersection of environmental science, conservation and community education. She has a PhD in educational leadership from New Mexico State University, with research in socio-ecological systems and sustainable agroecology. 

Early in her career, Drexler was a park ranger and wildland firefighter with the National Park Service before serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Belize. Drexler founded the Belize Field School Program at NMSU (2006-2014). 

In 2016, she produced the award-winning short film, “Yochi” and coordinated the social impact campaign. Dr. Drexler is a full-time faculty member of Earth Sciences at American Public University teaching geography, environmental science, conservation of natural resources, and Earth and planetary sustainability.

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